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Quotes from “The Toys That Made Us”

Date : January 12, 2018

“For collectors, toys are a tangible symbol of their love for something that isn’t real, that has no shape or form in actuality. It’s a very human experience to need to touch, and to feel, and to see a thing in order for it really to have meaning. Otherwise, it’s just an abstraction, which is why everything that is abstract winds up getting some physical symbol. America is represented by a flag. Religions are loaded with physical symbols so that we can touch that thing and say, “This represents my faith,” because otherwise, it’s an ephemeral experience.” ~Dr. John Tenuto, sociology professor and collector

“I had a great time as a toy designer. I don’t think I’d want to be doing toasters. Toys still are more interesting than anything else as far as what you can do with them, cause you can do anything. Toy designers actually build the kids that are gonna be doing great stuff. The kids that are playing with Star Wars toys now might turn into the engineers that build the spaceships that fly.” ~Jim Swearingen, Senior Product Designer, Kenner Toys

“Kids have so little control of the real world. But in their toy world, they’re in total control. They’re masters of these guys’ [points to toys] destiny.” ~Dave Okada, VP of Preliminary Design, Kenner Toys (1976-1978)


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