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D&D’s Impact on a Young Designer’s Worldview

Category : Cultural Musing
Date : January 10, 2018

Recently rediscovered a high school term paper from 1990 countering the rote argument of D&D as satanic ritual or reality-blurring practice. That phenomenon has been in my mind since digging that paper out of a box at my folks’ house over the holidays. Then I read the Calve Jones’ “Does D&D Warp Our Ability to Tell Truth From Fiction” in which he attempts to stretch that old question over the en vogue debate of fact vs. fiction. While Jones comes to reasonable conclusions, I am so over the question. While it is quite clear that my frame of “commonsense reality” was never confused with my frame of “fantasy,” there were certainly times that I wished I could step between the worlds. But the escapism of youth fueled my dreams and quietly informed my life choices along the way.

D&D helped to restructure my mind in the most positive way imaginable. The magic circle illuminated how much of everyday reality and convention is fabricated and constructed into rules and norms. It challenged me to find strategies to manifest the imaginary into the material. I built worlds virtually and in the shared consensus of the prime material plane(). I am grateful for the tabletop experience and all the friends that helped to co-author those worlds around the table. I wish that there were more articles in the world that feature and highlight the benefits of role-playing games.

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