Creative and Teaching Portfolio of an Inter-Media Artist, Designer, and Technologist in the Philadelphia and Greater New York City Areas
Photo Credit: Jeremy M. Lange
Photo Credit: Jeremy M. Lange

Dickie Cox approaches design with an active imagination, a love of narrative, the ability to parse complex processes, and a sense of fearlessness.

Dickie Cox is an intermedia artist, designer, and creative technologist. In his practice, he unites facets of design, interactivity, play, fabrication, creative coding, and animation. His installations incorporate human interactions, electronics, abstraction, and whimsical elements to evoke mischievous imagined worlds that invite audiences to play with one another. He seeks to augment the world by drawing out the sense of magic and wonder that hides within objects and people.

Cox holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Design with a focus in filmmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University. He has presented his work at the New Media Caucus, Southeastern College Art Conference, The College of New Jersey, Johnson State College, Grounds for Sculpture, the Athens Institute for Contemporary Art, Virginia Commonwealth University’s Anderson Gallery, the New Mexico Filmmakers Showcase, Sprockets Music Video Festival, and the AUX Experimental Arts Festival. Currently, Cox serves as an Assistant Professor of Digital Media in the Department of Communication at Monmouth University.

As an academic technologist, he has numerous years of administrative experience from Virginia Commonwealth University, the University of Alabama, Central New Mexico Community College, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and The College of New Jersey. He served as an institutional director for the Consortium of College & University Media Centers and as a member of the EDUCAUSE Southeast Regional Conference Program Committee.

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